Monday, January 2, 2012

Mentor Text- Hoodwinked

For my mentor text this time I chose to watch the movie Hoodwinked. Hoodwinked is the story of Little Red Ridding Hood but told from all different perspectives. This story starts out at the end, with a domestic disturbance call in the middle of the woods involving a girl, a wolf, and an axe. As cops show up to investigate there is a suspicion that this disturbance may in fact be related to another case involving the "Goody Bandit" who's been stealing all the recipes of local sweet makers and driving them out of business. As the cops try to get information about everything that has been happening we get into the main plot. The story is told from all different perspectives as police question each party involved individually (Wolf, Granny, Red, and the Axe man). I chose this as my mentor text because I am also taking a classic story and putting a twist onto it and telling it from a different perspective. One thing watching this movie helped me with was character development and the idea of inter weaving different stories and perspectives so that they all end up at the same point when the story is over. I also liked how this movie started from the end and then worked its way through every characters account to make sense of what really happened. It's an excellent way to keep an audience hooked and engaged. Another thing watching this movie helped me with was dialogue. The majority of this movie is told from different perspectives so it is narrated. This helped me see what others have done with their characters and how they used wording and story telling to make sense of a plot. Finally, watching Hoodwinked helped me to get an idea of how to introduce a major twist in the story line. I'm going to have a twist at the end of my story as well and being able to see how it was introduced in this movie helped me to realize how I want to do it in my own story.

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